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  • Roof Repair-  Are you in need of roof repair services in Grand Forks? Then do not wait! We can assist you in putting on an insurance claim by providing professional estimates and we are able to guarantee your satisfaction. We are able to handle large or small repairs.
  • Roof Leak Detection- Many business and home owners contact Lubbock Roof Repair asking if we can find out the reason why water is always finding ways into their homes or business, causing ongoing damage. We’ve been working on leak detection for many years and we’re the go-to company , even after three or two other roofing companies attempted to make repairs. We will make use of all our experience and expertise to give this problem the attention it requires. It can be a lengthy process , but it’s worth it in the end . Ultimately, you don’t have to cover repair costs after the repair.
  • Metal Roofing Installation- The popular selection is built to last , with a variety of colors to pick from, and is the latest fashion continuing to expand.
  • Residential Roofing- With years of experience making excellent repairs, as well as complete rips and re roofing on homes across Red River Valley Roofing is not just what makes our expertise, knowledge and processes amazing, but also is what helped build our name and the business to the point it is today in North Dakota.
  • Commercial Roofing- We offer quality  roof repairs and full installations to business owners, large commercial  real estate developers, schools, hotels and and large commercial roof project that needs professional attention.
  • Quality Shingles- We only use the finest and highest-rated materials that last for more than 30 years for the majority of tasks. There are many warranties and even some that can help protect your investment from damage caused by storms or natural causes . Modern technology, cutting-edge materials, and skilled contractors ensure that our services not just provide your home with the most attractive curb appeal, but also provide excellent and lasting protection for your home.
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